Road tested, Refined and Ready for Kickstarter …

2 years in development, 5 prototypes, loads of design changes – it takes time (and lots of work) to develop a bike security system that is as tough as it is smart.

But Deeper Lock is now production-ready. And that means our Kickstarter campaign is coming soon.

Over the last couple of months we’ve been intensively road-testing Deeper Lock. And that means refining all those technical details. We’ve finalised key elements of the design like the hardened steel, weatherproofed locking element. It’s the only bike lock with a built in GPS tracker, and it has loads of other smart features. Here’s how it works:

  • It mounts directly onto your bike, and it’s locked via your smartphone.
  • If its motion sensors are trigger while it’s locked, then its GPS tracker, 110dB alarm and anti-theft alert system are all activated.
  • You get a warning alert sent straight to your phone, plus GPS coordinates of where your bike is.
  • It has no keys – you lock and unlock through an assymetrically encrypted Bluetooth connection – and it has solar panels for self-charging.

And Deeper Lock has been on tour. We’ve been in Munich, London and Amsterdam putting Deeper Lock through its paces, and getting the reaction of cyclists and security experts. In London, where storage locations like garages are vulnerable to thieves, the anti-theft alerts are what got people talking. In Amsterdam, a city where the black market for bikes is huge, it was the GPS tracking function.

But the question we got more than any other was: “when can I get one?”

And the answer is very soon. Our Kickstarter campaign is coming, and you can already sign up for our Early Birds club. As a member, you’ll be able to snap up our best deals on Kickstarter ($120 discount anyone?) before the general public even know about them.

So watch this space, and get ready for the smartest, toughest bike security ever.

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