Complete Smart Security

GPS tracking + Anti-Theft Alerts + Alarm + Keyless Steel Lock = 100% peace of mind

The Tech-Powered Deterrent

For bike thieves, the equation is simple - it’s risk vs reward. So if your bike’s going to be a big reward for a thief, your only solution is to ramp up the risk. And that’s exactly what Deeper Lock does.

Risk 1: As soon as Deeper Lock’s motion sensors are triggered, you receive an alert. Now the clock is ticking for the thief.

Risk 2: Meanwhile, a piercing 110dB alarm is sounding, alerting everyone around.

Risk 3: The thief now has to contend with a mounted, keyless, steel reinforced lock that’s been engineered to withstand attack.

Risk 4: Even if they somehow compromise the lock, the Deeper Lock PRO+ model has built-in GPS, giving the thief nowhere to hide.

Deeper Lock is now ready for production and is coming to KICKSTARTER soon!

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Locate your bike anytime, anywhere with GPS tracking

The Deeper Lock PRO + is the only smart lock on the market with integrated GPS, enabling you to monitor exactly where your bike is.
bike tracking map

Immobilise your bike with a keyless mounted reinforced steel lock

Mounted directly to your bike, Deeper Lock’s 1.2 cm / 0.47 inch reinforced steel lock immobilises your bike via an asymmetrically encrypted connection with your smartphone. And the hardened casing for the locks’ components is steel-reinforced.
lock notifications

React instantly thanks to anti-theft alerts

If Deeper Lock detects any suspicious activity while your bike is locked, you’ll receive an instant warning alert direct to your phone. The Deeper Lock PRO uses its Bluetooth 4.0 connection to send you the alert, while the Deeper Lock PRO + is the only smart lock available to use both GSM and Bluetooth for this function. This gives it unlimited range; you could be anywhere in the world and you’ll still get the alert instantly.

Alert bystanders with a 110dB Alarm

Once locked, Deeper Lock’s motion sensors will react to any suspicious activity, triggering an alarm that startles potential thieves. And, with the same volume as a power saw or a rock concert, it will definitely alert everyone around too.

Water and cold resistant and ruggedized

Made in the EU, Deeper Lock is durable and tough. It’s been ruggedized to withstand all the repeated bumps and shakes that life on a bike will put it through. It is humidity resistant and capable of operating in extreme temperatures (-20C to +40C, -4F to +104F).

Self-charging thanks to twin solar-powered batteries

Deeper Lock’s lithium-ion battery charges any time your bike is outside, thanks to the two interconnected solar batteries built-in to the lock. Fully charged, the battery lasts for 3 months. And it needs just three days outside per month to remain fully charged. And just to make sure there’s no stress at all, it also has a micro USB port for emergency charging; just plug in your phone charger and top up the battery.

Not sure if Deeper Lock will mount onto your bike? Just check that:

  1. Your bike has standard seat stays.
  2. The width of your tyre is not more than 64mm / 2.5 inches
  3. The height from the inner wheel edge to the outer tyre edge is not more than 93mm / 3.6 inches. Also the distance between the seat tube and the outer edge of rear wheel (or fender) should be 65mm/2.56″ or more.

If the answer to all three is yes, Deeper Lock will mount onto your bike.

Every Deeper Lock comes with mounting bolts and mounting fasteners. If your bike already has mounting holes, you can use the bolts. If it doesn’t, you can use the fasteners instead.

Deeper Lock is compatible with all iOS devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and are running on iOS 9.0 or later. The following devices have these specs:
iPhone 5, 5C/5S, 6, 6+, 7, 7+

Deeper Lock is compatible with all Android devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and are running on 4.4 or later.

The Lock

  • Size: 132mm x 32mm x 162mm
  • Weight: 630g, 1.38lb
  • Locking mechanism: 1.2cm / 0.47 inch reinforced steel
  • Component casing: Steel-plate reinforced aluminium
  • Alarm: Up to 110dB
  • Motion sensors: Integrated motion sensors
  • Operating conditions: Humidity resistant and ruggedized
  • Operating temperatures: -20C to +40C (-4F to +104F)

Wireless and GPS connections

  • Tracking: GPS tracking with GSM/LTE data transmition to server (PRO + model only)
  • Locking / unlocking: Bluetooth Low Energy wireless connection
  • Anti-theft alerts: GSM and Bluetooth 4.0 (PRO + model only) / Bluetooth 4.0 connection (PRO model)

Battery and charging

  • Power supply: Two interconnected solar batteries, up to 350mW
    Internal battery: Lithium-ion, 3.7V Rechargeable, 750mAh
  • Emergency power supply: Micro USB B type, 450mA max