It’s in your hands

All you could need to secure your bike, available at the touch of a button through the Deeper Lock app.

Four simple steps to complete smart security:

lock down

Step 1: Lock your bike using the app on your phone. It’s now immobilized and the motion sensors are on, ready to detect any suspicious activity.

theft notification

Step 2: If the motion sensors are triggered, an anti-theft alert is sent direct to your phone, GPS tracking is activated (PRO + model only) and a 110dB alarm is triggered.

bike tracking map

Step 3: Manage anti-theft features through the app. Then unlock your bike at the touch of a button, or share access to your bike remotely.

activity notification

Step 4: You’re off to your next destination, no hassle at all.

Unlock your bike at the touch of a button with asymmetrically encrypted keyless access

Deeper Lock couldn’t be easier to use; simply lock and unlock via the Deeper Lock app. No keys, clunky chains, fiddly combinations or dirty hands, just the touch of a button on your phone. Easy. If your phone’s out of battery, no problem. Simply login to a friend’s device using your secure electronic key to unlock. Plus, every Deeper Lock comes with an NFC tag for emergency unlocking. And because security comes first with Deeper Lock, every command uses asymmetrical encryption authorised for use on classified US government information.

Monitor your bike’s location with the tracking map

The Deeper Lock app will record where you park your bike. And if the lock’s motion sensors are triggered once it has been locked, the GPS tracker will automatically start sending location tracking data direct to your phone (only available with the PRO + model). Then simply use the tracking map in the Deeper Lock app to monitor your bike’s location.
activity map

Give access to friends and family with the sharing function

You control who uses your bike, thanks to the easy, intuitive sharing function built into the app. Simply select a contact on your phone or enter an email address, press share, and they will receive a secure message giving them access to your bike. No more lost keys or combinations on pieces of paper.

A range of other features that put you in control

The app has been designed to give you all the data you need to manage how your bike is used. Notifications will warn you if your Deeper Lock’s battery is running low. Meanwhile, the event log keeps a record of where and when your bike has been used, and by whom. You can also use the app to adjust the sensitivity of the lock’s motion sensors, so you can find the level that’s right for your needs.
lock settings