Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my phone battery dies?

Your first option is to simply login to the Deeper Lock app using your username and password on someone else’s device, then unlock your bike this way. If this is not possible, you can also unlock your bike using the NFC tag that comes with each lock.

Do I need to charge Deeper Lock? How do I do this?

In most cases, you’ll never need to charge Deeper Lock. Deeper Lock’s lithium-ion battery gets charged any time your bike is outside, thanks to the two interconnected solar batteries built in to the lock. Fully charged, the battery lasts for three months. And just three days outside per month is enough to ensure the battery is fully charged. If your battery is running low, you’ll be alerted via the Deeper Lock app. Deeper Lock is fitted with a micro USB port for emergency charging; this port will work with any standard phone charger or power bank.

What happens if Deeper Lock’s battery dies?

This situation is very unlikely, and easily solved, even if your bike is locked. You’ll be alerted when your Deeper Lock’s battery is running low; at this stage, it’s best to pop it outside for a bit, or charge it using the micro USB port. If you’re unable to do this and the battery dies with the bike locked, you’ve got two simple options. The slightly slower option is to just put it outside or in direct sunlight until it charges. Or if you need a quick fix, simply charge it through the micro USB port using a phone charger, your laptop, a power bank or other portable devices.

Can I start a bike share program with Deeper Lock?

Not just yet. Access to your Deeper Lock is 100% sharable, so go ahead and share it with friends, family, anyone you trust. At present we do not offer any additional services to support bike sharing schemes, such as insurance or fleet management, but in the future we plan to launch a tailored sharing programe using Deeper Lock. Watch this space.

What phones are supported?


Deeper Lock is compatible with all iOS devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and are running on iOS 9.0 or later. The following devices have these specs:
iPhone 5, 5C/5S, 6, 6+, 7, 7+


Deeper Lock is compatible with all Android devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 hardware and are running on 4.4 or later.

How do I share access to my Deeper Lock with others?

We’ve made sharing access to your Deeper Lock as quick and easy as possible. Simply select a contact on your mobile phone through the Deeper Lock app or enter the email address of the person you want to share access with. The person you’re sharing it with will receive a notification email. If they already have the Deeper Lock app, then they’re ready to go. If not, they will first get an email with a link to download the app, then they’ll be ready to use your bike. It couldn’t be simpler.

How do I use the GPS on my PRO + to locate my bike?

What makes the Deeper Lock PRO + unique is that it also acts as a GPS tracker for your bike. Once your Deeper Lock PRO + has been locked, any suspicious movements will activate the internal GPS tracker (in order not to drain the battery, it only switches on when the motion sensors are triggered.)

Your Deeper Lock PRO + will then send GPS coordinates in real time direct to your phone and to a database. You can monitor where your bike is using the map in the Deeper Lock app.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

Deeper Lock has been designed and engineered to offer unrivalled security and durability. In the very unlikely event that there is a defect, we offer a limited one year warranty.

What do I do if my lock has been kept indoors a lot?

Fully charged, the battery lasts for 3 months, so a few days indoors is no problem. If you plan to regularly store your bike indoors, or are leaving it for a long period, try to position it near a window or skylight. Don’t forget, you will automatically get an alert if the battery is running low. Taking it outside for some time or giving it a quick charge through the micro USB port will soon top it up.

Will it work at extreme temperatures?

Yes. Deeper Lock has been ruggedized to operate in the very toughest conditions. Resistant to humidity and extreme temperatures (it can operate in temperatures ranging from -20C to +40C, -4F to +104F), it is also engineered to withstand the repeated bumps and shakes life on a bicycle will put it through.

Can I adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensors?

Yes, the motion sensors are fully adjustable. These sensors will activate the alarm, anti-theft alerts and GPS tracking (on the PRO +), so you want to make sure they are set just right. Use the simple slide bar on the app to adjust how sensitive the sensors are. We recommend trying this out yourself. Lock the bike, then move or shake it to see how much movement it takes to trigger the alarm. Then adjust the sensitivity and try again, until you find the setting that works for you.

Why doesn’t Deeper Lock have proximity unlocking?

Because there are major security doubts with keyless proximity unlocking (where you walk up to your bike and it unlocks automatically), whether it’s for cars, home security or bike locks. Here at Deeper, we always want to incorporate the best tech features into our products, but we will never risk user security. That’s our bottom line.

How close do I need to be to get anti-theft alerts?

With the Deeper Lock PRO +, you can be anywhere in the world. This product is unique in that it is fitted with both Bluetooth 4.0 and GSM technologies for sending anti-theft alerts. If you’re within 100 meters / 400 feet of your Deeper Lock PRO +, it will use Bluetooth to message you if something suspicious happens to your bike (it uses Bluetooth within this range to save the battery). Go beyond this distance and it will automatically switch to GSM, meaning you still receive messages wherever you are.

The Deeper Lock PRO model is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, providing anti-theft alerts up to 100 meters / 400 feet.

Do I need a data plan to use GPS and GSM?

With the Deeper Lock PRO no data plan or payments are necessary. The Deeper Lock PRO + uses GPS and GSM connectivity for its bike tracking and anti-theft alert functions. After the first year of use you will need pay a small monthly fee for these functions, as with all GPS tracking devices. We are currently working with our partners to ensure that the first year of usage is free, with renewal as simple as possible after that. And don’t worry – if you chose not to renew the GPS subscription, all the other features of the lock will still work perfectly. The choice is yours.

Who can I ask if I need support?

We operate a ticket system for customer support and feedback. Just use the form to get in touch with us. Our customer support team is on hand to respond to your ticket.

Is Deeper Lock environmentally friendly?

Yes. To make Deeper Lock as environmentally friendly as possible, we’ve fitted it with twin solar panels. We’ve also ensured as many of the parts as possible are fully recyclable. And the greenest part of all is that, by fighting bike crime, Deeper Lock will help to get more people out of their car and onto their bike.