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The 2 reasons why stealing bikes will be big money in the future

In our last blog, we mentioned 2 questions a thief might ask when considering a target. Firstly, how easy is it to sell, and secondly, how much can I sell this item for? Having dealt with liquidity (or ease of sale) already,  let’s now turn our attention to value, and 2 big reasons why stealing bikes is going to be more and more rewarding for criminals in the future.

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The 2 big reasons why its easier than ever to sell a stolen bike

In our last blog we introduced the bike theft equation – risk vs reward. And we concluded that bike crime is high because the risks of being caught are low.

But that’s only half the story. Over the next two blogs we’ll explore the other half of the question; reward. Today we’re thinking about ease-of-sale, or liquidity. Then we’ll turn our attention to value, in other words how much stolen bikes are worth.