Smartphone Mount for Bikes

The mount cyclists trust

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Flexible, fast and tough

Mount your phone just the way you want it. The Deeper Smartphone Mount is the only universal mount for bikes that lets you fix your phone horizontally or vertically, to the stem or handlebars. So whether you’re following a route on MapMyRide, checking how many calories you’ve burned, or chatting hands-free while you ride, with the Deeper Smartphone Mount your phone will be exactly where you want it.

Why city cyclists trust the Deeper Smartphone Mount

It’s the most flexible: 4 different phone positions, with vertical or horizontal, and stem or handlebar mounting.
It’s the quickest: You can add it or remove it in under 10 seconds, and it weighs just 14 grams / 0.5 oz.
It’s the highest-quality: Made in the EU from high-grade silicone for secure, non-slip holding.

Find your fit

The Deeper Smartphone Mount is all about personalisation – try different phones, on different bikes, in different positions. Light and portable, it’s an ideal option for travel, bike share or rental. Enjoy 100% peace of mind that an EU-quality, high-grade silicone mount is keeping your phone exactly where you want it.


phone positions


seconds to attach



14 g


How to use

bike mount usage tip

1. Hold your mount horizontally or vertically to either the stem or handlebars, with the logo facing forwards. Hook one of the O-rings to one of the orange hooks.

bike mount usage tip

2. Pull the O-ring behind the stem or handlebar and hook it to the diagonally opposite orange hook. Repeat with another O-ring for the other two hooks.

bike mount usage tip

3. Stretch the retainers over the 4 corners of your smartphone to hold it in place.

bike mount usage tip

4. Shake your bike to ensure your smartphone is secure, and you’re ready to ride.

Attaches to any stem or handlebar with a diameter of between 0.7 in / 20 mm and 1.4 in 35 mm

Any phone with a diagonal screen length of between 3.5 in / 9 cm and 5 in / 13 cm

Model: FLACC04

Size: 4.72 in / 12 cm

Weight: 0.5 oz / 14 g

Phone compatibility: min 3.5in / 9 cm, max 5in / 13 cm diagonal screen length

Bike compatibility: min 0.7 in / 20 mm, max 1.4 in 35 mm stem / handlebar diameter

Material: 84% Silicone, 16% plastic

Please note. The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility with respect to damage or loss caused when using the Smartphone Mount. Please do not disassemble or modify the product. The manufacturer does not bear any responsibility with respect to breakdowns or damage due to the disassembly or modification of the product.