Deeper Lock

Look twice. Drive nice.

Deeper lock is the first GPS smart bike lock featuring anti-theft alerts

GPS Smart Bike

With the increase in technological advancements day-by-day, the world is getting smarter. New solutions to everyday problems keep the human race at the tip of their toes to try them out in order to secure their safety as well as items.

If you’re a regular bike rider, then you’re probably aware of the safety concerns of your bike. You have locks to secure against a solid object like a pole, a tree, or casually in a bike stand. However, we still needed something that would leave us unbothered about our bike’s safety in a parking space. Hence, here, we are, technology has granted us our wish!

Deeper lock

A deep lock system is a smart way to protect your bike from thefts and other malicious activities, while you pay the least attention to it. They’ve answered all our bikes’ security prayers. This lock system works powerfully on the security of your bike. It is directly operated from your smartphones or smart devices, that also features GPS tracking.

Features of the deeper lock include:

  • Automatic operation control from smart devices
  • GPS tracking through the devices
  • Unlimited anti-theft alerts using the GSM module
  • 110dB of alarm
  • Hardened steel lock
  • Solar panels used for self-charging
  • It is ruggedized, which consists of a weatherproof material that lasts longer and provides a better shelf life.
  • Keyless locking and unlocking feature
  • It is mounted on the rare side of the bike.


How to use it?

It is a user-friendly locking system that primarily aims at improving the security of your bike against theft.

  • The very first step, you ought to connect or sync the connection to your smartphone or smart device.
  • You ought to download a Bluetooth controlling application that helps in unlocking and locking using Bluetooth encryption.
  • After the device is locked, it activates the anti-theft feature
  • If someone touches the bike or tries to steal it, a 110db alarm will go on and in case you’re far away, and are not accessible to the alarm sound, it sends a message to your registered device via a GSM module in the form of an SMS, letting you know that something’s off the beat.
  • The devices make use of the GPS tracking feature to send the coordinates of the owner, to the registered mobile number.
  • Even though your bike is a stolen, the presence of a hardened metal case with an alloy outer layering will buy you time to fetch for your bike and retrieve it from the thief.


Key Take away

A Deeper lock is not your average bike lock, but it entails much more than that. It is a locking system that uses technology to protect the sanity of your bike. The smart features embedded in them make it almost impossible for the thieves to get their hands on them.

Deeper lock is the first GPS smart bike lock featuring anti-theft alerts

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