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Find the best quality bike accessories and tools to upgrade your bike and keep it protected. Browse our categories to find the best upgrades for your bicycle. Keep the Wheelz turning!

GPS Bike Tracking

Accurate GPS tracking to locate your stolen or lose bike in the most difficult places.

Self-Charging Solor Panel

Get your bike upgraded to clean energy resources for charging the battery for on-bike equipment.

Unlimited Range Anti-Theft Alerts

Track your bike in static or moving conditions with the most accurate long-range tracking system.

Remote Sharing With Friends and Family

Let your friends and family unlock your bike while you are away with a quick remote sharing feature.

First GPS Smart Bike Lock Featuring Anti-theft Alerts

Learn about our quick and secure GPS system that gets installed inside your bike to track your bike in all conditions. The solar panel is installed in similar ways to avoid the sight of the person trying to steal your bike. Link.

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Permanent Bike Security Solution

Hardened Alloy

Get the bike parts of the original manufacturers and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Hardened Steel Locking

Get the perfect security lock for your bike to prevent any successful break-in attempts.

Element-Proofed and Ruggedized

Highly durable built quality to protect the security system under all weather conditions.

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